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Breast MRI

What is Breast MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. A breast MRI is used to evaluate a suspicious mass in the breast tissue. This test is non-invasive and does not expose you to any radiation.

During a breast MRI scan, many very thin 2-dimensional pictures are taken and assembled into 3-dimensional pictures by a computer. This allows the doctor to look layer by layer at the breasts and provides greater detail to aid in the diagnostic process. Images are recorded before and after a contrast dye is administered.

Breast MRI is not a replacement for mammography or ultrasound, but rather an additional tool that provides valuable diagnostic information that cannot be gathered using other imaging techniques.

Breast MRI may be used to evaluate women at high risk for breast cancer (e.g. family history), hard-to-assess abnormalities seen on mammography, lumpectomy sites in the years following breast cancer treatments and the conditions of breast implants. It is also recommended after a positive biopsy and before surgery to find any additional tumors in the same or opposite breast or in the lymph nodes.

Breast MRI

  • Evaluates high-risk patients (e.g., family history) and those with hard-to-assess abnormalities seen on mammograms, lumpectomy sites and breast implants
  • Recommended after a positive biopsy and before surgery to identify additional tumors
  • Philips 1.5 T MRI
  • Invivo Breast Array Coil

Breast Biopsy

  • Fine needle aspiration and core needle biopsies
  • Full range of image-guided biopsies, including mammography (stereotactic), ultrasound, MRIl